Come Early & Stay Late !

If you’re among the first to arrive ……………………………..and the last to leave ……………………………… can enjoy much much more !!!

Visit Lunenburg our UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lunenburg at the dock.jpg




Contact if you’ve bought your place onboard and want to carpool. It’s an hour from Halifax but you have to pick up your boarding pass that morning at the Bluenose II Company store so leaving from Halifax by 9 is a good idea !

 Step ashore at 3:30 pm and enjoy a stroll along the waterfront and browse the shops. Have a 5pm supper in the Fisherman’s Museum Restaurant, The Old Fish Factory, and take in the beautiful views before going up the hill to the Lunenburg Academy (there’s an elevator) for the 7:30 pm “Sweet Voice and Strings of Gold” Concert given by Ann & Charlie Heymann, our headliners.  


 Bluenose starboard side

The Harp concert that night – Thursday, September 27 7:30 with Ann & Charlie Heymann will take place at the  Lunenburg Academy of Music and Performance in Lunenburg, N.S. The building is being fully restored, has an elevator and the auditorium is an acoustic pleasure.   Admission is at the door $30. adults/ $15 child under 12.

picture of lunenburg academy
Lunenburg Academy. Image from Wladyslaw [FAL, GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
 During the Halifax part of the Festival, the Citadel is full of historic surprises to explore and wonderful views of Halifax Harbour. We’ll be in the Garrison Room on Sat. so you can hear the pipers and noon gun.


 After wrapping it up at the Triangle & Supper on Sunday, September 30 …

The Barra MacNeils setup

Stay a little longer and come with us to the Barra MacNeils’  “On the Bright Side Concert” Sunday night Sept. 30 at 7:30 pm in the new Spatz Theatre on historic Trollope Street, just down from Citadel Hill. Not sold out yet but the good ones go first…. general seating.

And Lucy just happens to play the Celtic Harp!

The Barra MacNeils

This Great Celtic Family from Cape Breton, known the world over for their beautiful arrangements of traditional music, will wrap up your Harp Festival experience and send you on your way  “ON THE BRIGHT SIDE”.  Get your tickets early… this concert will sell out fast ! Sept. 1, still seats left.