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Thursday Night

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Saturday Morning and Afternoon

Saturday Evening Concert

Sunday Brunch & Tunes with Charlie

Sunday Afternoon Dance – Play

Sunday Evening Concert


Get to Know Us in LUNENBURG

Supper 4:30pm at the Old Fish Factory Restaurant

old fish factory restaurant

Town Crier Lunenburg John McGeeThursday evening Ann & Charlie


7:30pm Lunenburg Academy September 27




                               with a special appearance by


Lewis MacKinnon, Poet Laureate of Scotland

Executive Director Gaelic Affairs, Province of Nova Scotia

Ann Heymann Queen of Harps_MG_9048.fix1

MEET THE GAELIC HARP                             

7:30pm Friday, September 28, 2018

All Nations Church, 2535 Robie St., Halifax, N.S.


“Guth Binn agus Teada Oir” – “Sweet Voice and Strings of Gold”

Ann opens a window to another time, the ancient Irish and Scottish and Welsh traditions.   What part did the Clairseach play in the music and Poetry of the Bards ? What did medieval Welsh music sound like? A Bray Harp ? Is it legal to play gold strings ? 

“Heymann, twice harp champion in Ireland and author of the harper’s bible, Secrets of the Gaelic Harp, has been instrumental in resurrecting the “true” Irish harp. These days it’s played professionally by only a handful of musicians. “Although we have great appreciation for all kinds of music around the world, harp music has been largely ignored,” she complained. “When I started, there were no tapes, no teachers, no books on it, nothing. I just had to pluck the strings.”


SATURDAY Morning & Afternoon

Ann Heymann


10 – 12  lunch on-site  1 – 4 Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Garrison Room, North Magazine Halifax Citadel

5425 Sackville St., Halifax, N.S.


“The harp was not a folk instrument, she noted. Harping was a sacred art form in Gaelic society, with its own mystique and symbolism. “In the folklore of the instrument, the harp had music for crying, music for laughing and music for sleeping,” Heymann said. “The first was to play for people who were injured or in pain, women in labor or men injured on the battlefield. The second was music of vigor, music of life, dance music, war music. The music for sleeping was actually music for death.”- Ann Heymann

Three Iconic Pieces : Music from Denis O’Hampsey (1695 – 1807) Irish Harper

From Port to Court

Ceol Mor and the Clairseach

Piobreach and the Harp –  Pipers will love this ! 


34537631_957793461066595_1679890648678793216_n(4) Piping School

LUNCH 12 – 1 When you hear the noon gun, you’ll know it’s time to eat!
The Coffee Shop, beside the information desk, just past the Gift Shop and in the Soldiers’ Library, will be open for drinks and sandwiches/soup. Tim’s, Second Cup and similar off site products are not allowed. Bringing your own lunch from home in a backpack or purse is permissible. At 12:30 you will be treated to a concert by the resident Citadel Pipers.

78th Piper with signal mast in background
78th Piper with signal mast in background



Ann and Charlie Heymann and Friends



7:30 pm Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018

St. Matthew’s Church, Barrington St., Halifax, N.S.

“Far from Home”

Ann & Charlie play modern and current traditions including O’Carolan, dance music, slow airs, amhran, port-a-beul, ballads with accordion, cittern, bodhran, bones, with surprise appearances by their new friends.

your group shot colour


Ann & Charlie



11:00 to 1:00 Open Tune Class with Charlie Heymann

Bring your instrument or audit, learn the old – fashioned way – by ear –  and get the dots later !

Charlie Heymann

Seanchaidh Room Old Triangle Irish Alehouse 5136 Prince St., Halifax, N.S

Modern Influences: Terry “Cuz” Teahan, James Kelly, Norah Grealis

Charlie will introduce the music of  Terry Cuz” Teahan, a well – loved Chicago musician who died in 1989 and was a good friend to young musicians interested in Irish music there. Cuz was a prolific writer/composer of tunes, many of which Ann hand – transcribed for the published book “The Road to Glountane”. His tunes are now played throughout the world by groups like The Chieftains and in 2013 fiddler Niamh Ni Charra released a whole cd of his music – two he wrote especially for Ann – “Ann’s Harp” and “Ann Heymann”.

1:00 – 2:00 Sean Nos dance class with Elizabeth MacDonald

2:00 – 4:00 Option 1: Learn Traditional Group Dances with Elizabeth                                                               MacDonald backed up by Ann & Charlie and the Triangle                                             Session Band


                   Option 2: Play harp with Ann & Charlie and the                                                                   Triangle Session Band   Elizabeth at Old Triangle

                   Option 3: Drink HARP Beer (on tap) and enjoy yourself.

Elizabeth at Old Tri

4:00 – 5:00 Singing around the Table, Harp Session on the Floor, 4:45 Auction 

5:00 – 7:00 FAREWELL SUPPER at McKelvie’s

7:30 Barra MacNeils

“On the Bright Side” Concert

The Barra MacNeils setup.jpg

The Barra MacNeils.jpg

Spatz Theatre, Citadel High School, Trollope St., Halifax, N.S.

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